Whiskey Warm, Casual Fantastic’s debut single, out now!

What the world needs now is a great new drinking song, and we are providing just that!

Whiskey Warm, available for download

Band Camp


Check out the PSA!

Now go buy the song!

Check out the Whiskey Warm music video!

Whiskey Warm by Casual Fantastic
Vocal, guitar, bass: Josh McIlvain
Drums, backing vocals: Nikitas Menotiades
Organ, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, treatments: Paul Menotiades
Words and Music by Josh McIlvain
Mixed and Produced by Paul Menotiades
Mastered by Adrian Morgan, Timeless Mastering
Cover Art: Luisa Colon
Mellow Farmer Music

Author: Casual Fantastic

Casual Fantastic mixes up a musical brew of original rock n roll, parlor pop, lounge blues, and country noir. Helmed by songwriter Josh McIlvain and drummer Nikitas Menotiades, their debut album High Voltage Fever Dream was released in fall 2020.

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