Add Slippery Jack to your Halloween Mix

Don’t delay, it’s that time of year to make the perfect Halloween mix! Don’t let it get to Halloween and all you listen to is the Monster Mash. Slippery Jack, from Casual Fantastic’s High Voltage Fever Dream album, is the perfect addition to masterfully creepy Halloween mix! It’s sinister, murderous, it creeps up on you, and it’s jazzy to boot.

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Josh McIlvain: vocals, guitars, bass. Nikitas Menotiades: backing vocals. Mike Davis: drums, percussion. Andres Villamil: vibes. Caleb Cliff: piano. Deborah Crocker: backing vocal. Produced by Mads Rokken. Mastered by Timeless Mastering. Art by Luisa Colón.

Live in Concert June 12, 2021!

Casual Fantastic is appearing in their first concert since March of 2020! Come out Saturday afternoon, June 12, for a free show, playing from 230pm to 5pm!

Live on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, part of the Second Saturdays, which showcases artists, galleries, and food.

Find Casual Fantastic in front of El Poquito Restaurant,  8201 Germantown Ave.

Goodbye, Goodbye Music Video is HERE

Video features special appearances by Luisa Colon, Adam Mazmanian, Tia Mathisen, Steve Lippe, Aaron Bitler, Lisa Zahren, Homer Robinson, Brishen Miller, Maggie Kelly, and Gracie.

Vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, bass: Josh McIlvain
Drums, backing vocals: Nikitas Menotiades
Bass, piano, Wurlitzer, backing vocals, treatments: Paul Menotiades
Written by Josh McIlvain
Mixed and Produced by Paul Menotiades
Mastered by Adrian Morgan, Timeless Mastering
Cover Art: Luisa Colon